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Chris Arvidson
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Arvidson has 21 years of experience in domestic and international finance and corporate operations. He has worked extensively with prominent partners and business leaders to strategically plan and implement all aspects of business operations including production, supply chain, organizational leadership, financial accounting, human resources and IT.  Mr. Arvisdon joins ViaMedica International from Stasia Holdings LLC where he has successfully served has investor and developer of residential real estate while supervising all aspects of major development projects from conception through final construction.

As COO/ CFO and VP of Art Partners, one of the leading photographic and creative service agencies, he directed all company operations from general accounting, cash management, financial and tax reporting, banking relations, credit and collections, employee benefits with offices in New York, Paris, London, and Barcelona. Prior to his position with Art Partners, Mr. Arvisdon managed worldwide shipping operations and US military contracting as COO for King Shipping Corporation 1995-2007.