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Steven Kass, MHA, MBA, NREMT 
Projects and Operations Director

Mr. Kass currently serves as the Projects and Operations Director for the Middle East/North Africa. He was instrumental in writing winning proposals and subsequently directing multimillion dollar pre-deployment and re-deployment physicals programs for multiple projects operating in the US, Qatar, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

He also directed a medical staffing and telemedicine project in support of three remote locations throughout the Aleutian Islands and Bristol Bay, Alaska. Mr. Kass is also an instructor and instructor trainer in the GW DEM Training Center and has taught multiple EMS courses worldwide, including multiple training projects for the Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Industry.

He is currently based full time in our Abu Dhabi office and will provide a high level of support to the VMI management team and providers performing on the contract. Mr. Kass has extensive operational knowledge about personnel movements, supply chain management, medical equipment, and EMR management.