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Remote Medical Services

At VIA MEDICA, we understand that every project is different, and that’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create customized solutions that will protect client’s business operation, enabling them to focus on their core business while we take care of their employees’ medical needs. We understand that a healthy workforce is critical to the success of any project, and we are committed to ensuring that our clients’ employees receive the best possible medical care.

One of our key strengths is our track record of setting up, staffing, managing, and running site clinics to provide round-the-clock support in sites of assignment, both onshore and offshore. We have a team of experienced healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality medical care to our clients’ employees and contractors.

Our site clinics are staffed with medical personnel who are trained to handle a wide range of medical emergencies and situations. They use the latest medical equipment and technology to provide prompt and accurate diagnoses, and they work closely with our clients to develop and implement health and safety protocols that are specific to their project requirements.

We at VIA MEDICA, ensure access to medical support of internaitonal standards so that the projects can operate smoothly even when unplanned incidents happen.

    Recognize and reduce potential health hazards. Working in a setting of endemic health, workplace and personal risk. Including assement, planning and preventive services.
Medical Supply Services
    Efficient medical supply sourcing for sites that has an integrated 360 solution with staff. Including management of medical supply chain that are the industry’s standards.


    Deployment of dedicated medical staff customized to the site’s requirements. Medical care that don’t require travel offsite, reducing time off work and ensuring high level of call 24/7.
Endemic Sickness & Vaccination Programs
    Malaria management program, endemic sicknesses prevention program, vaccinatioon program planning and management.
Medical Clinics
    Access to clinics 24/7 in selected area with reliable access to our international primary care that has the highest international standards in occupational health and specialist with workforce support in the country.
Offshore Medical Support
    Industry-specific offshore remote clinical supervision with observance of offshore laws and regulations. Support in minimizing unnecessary work-related reports.


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Medical Staffing

Our medical staffing services in remote areas are essential to ensure access to healthcare professionals and maintain adequate healthcare services in underserved regions. These services aim to recruit and deploy healthcare professionals to work in remote and rural areas where there may be a shortage of medical personnel.

Recruitment and placement
    Medical staffing services identify and recruit healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and other specialized healthcare providers, who are willing to work in remote locations. They assess the skills, qualifications, and experience of candidates and match them with appropriate job openings in remote areas.
Locum tenens staffing
    Locum tenens refers to temporary healthcare professionals who fill in for regular staff members who are on leave or in situations where additional staffing is needed. Medical staffing services may provide locum tenens staffing to remote areas to ensure continuous healthcare coverage.
Specialized staffing
    Remote areas may have specific healthcare needs, such as primary care, emergency medicine, or specialized services like obstetrics or mental health. Medical staffing services strive to recruit professionals with the necessary skills and expertise to address these specific needs in remote areas.
Contract negotiation
    Medical staffing services facilitate contract negotiations between healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities in remote areas. They help establish terms and conditions, including compensation, housing, travel arrangements, and support services, to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the healthcare professional and the healthcare facility.
Ongoing support and supervision
    Healthcare professionals working in remote areas may require additional support and supervision due to the unique challenges they face. Medical staffing services may provide ongoing support, mentoring, and regular check-ins to ensure the well-being and professional development of the staff.
Retention strategies
    Retaining healthcare professionals in remote areas can be challenging. Medical staffing services work closely with healthcare facilities and professionals to develop retention strategies. This may include providing opportunities for continuing education, professional development, career advancement, and creating a supportive work environment.
Collaboration with local communities
    Medical staffing services often collaborate with local communities, healthcare organizations, and government agencies to understand the healthcare needs of the remote areas and ensure that the staffing services align with those needs. This collaboration helps in developing sustainable healthcare solutions and integrating the healthcare professionals into the local community.

By providing medical staffing services in remote areas, healthcare facilities can overcome staffing challenges, enhance access to healthcare services, and improve the overall health outcomes of underserved populations.

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24/7 Assistance Center

Our International Assistance Center provides 24/7 access to medical advice, support, and emergency medical assistance to our clients in remote and austere areas which lack modern healthcare facilities. We currently support business travelers and project site workers in industries such as oil and gas, mining construction, humanitarian and industrial projects.

Through our International Assistance Center, our employees and clients have access to an experienced team of critical care doctors, nurses, and assistance coordinators. Our global network of accredited medical practitioners assures prompt and appropriate treatment, and rapid emergency evacuation/repatriation is possible through our robust network of air ambulances, land transportation, and medical escorts.

We provide telehealth support to our medical staff at our client’s site for medical advice, treatment options, access to local healthcare providers, emotional support, medical evacuation to medical centers of excellence or home of residence, payment guarantees or direct billing arrangements. Security advice and support can also be arranged when requested.

Medical Assistance, Remote Site Medicine, Medical Advice And Referral
  • Peer to Peer Review of Cases
  • Discussion on proposed treatment protocols
  • Access to specialist opinion
  • Online and telephonic consultation
  • Emergency and routine medical advice
  • Medical and dental referrals
  • Medical assistance to beneficiaries travelling to and from project site(s)
  • Supply of medication and medical consumables
Outpatient and In-patient Case Management
VMAC will provide:
  • Management of All Assigned Cases
  • Medical expense guarantees, cost review & payments, medical monitoring
  • Coordination and monitoring all outpatient and in-patient cases with optimum care and sensitivity
  • Vmac will only place guarantees of payment and activate assets upon the receipt of approval from the client’s authorized signatory
Medical And Security Evacuation
  • Local and international evacuation/repatriation/movement
  • Provision of medical/non-medical escorts
  • Companion and family beneficiary arrangements
  • Additional travel expenses post medical evacuation
  • Transportation of minor dependents
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
Non-Medical Services
  • Advance of Emergency Personal Cash
  • Special translation and interpreter services
  • Legal Services
  • Travel services
  • Concierge services
  • Hotel bookings
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Occupational Health

We provide a range of services in Occupational Health Programs which aimed in promoting and maintaining the health, safety, and well-being of individuals in the workplace. These services are typically provided by occupational health professionals, such as occupational health physicians, nurses, and specialists, in collaboration with employers and other stakeholders.

Health and risk assessments
    Occupational health services involve conducting health assessments to evaluate the physical, mental, and functional capabilities of employees. This may include pre-employment screenings, periodic health examinations, and assessments of work-related risks and hazards.
Workplace hazard identification and control
    Occupational health professionals work with employers to identify potential hazards in the workplace that may adversely affect employee health and safety. They help develop strategies to control and mitigate these hazards, such as implementing safety protocols, ergonomic assessments, and environmental monitoring.
Health promotion and wellness programs
    Occupational health services often include health promotion initiatives that aim to improve employee well-being and prevent health problems. These programs may include health education, lifestyle counseling, smoking cessation support, stress management, and fitness programs.
Work-related injury and illness management
    Occupational health services assist in managing work-related injuries and illnesses. This involves providing immediate medical care, facilitating rehabilitation, and developing return-to-work programs to support employees in recovering and resuming their duties.
Disability management
    OOccupational health services often include health promotion initiatives that aim to improve employee well-being and prevent health problems. These programs may include health education, lifestyle counseling, smoking cessation support, stress management, and fitness programs.
Health surveillance
    OOccupational health services often include health promotion initiatives that aim to improve employee well-being and prevent health problems. These programs may include health education, lifestyle counseling, smoking cessation support, stress management, and fitness programs.
Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations
    OOccupational health services often include health promotion initiatives that aim to improve employee well-being and prevent health problems. These programs may include health education, lifestyle counseling, smoking cessation support, stress management, and fitness programs.

By providing these services, occupational health professionals contribute to creating healthier and safer work environments, reducing occupational hazards and risks, and promoting the overall well-being and productivity of employees.

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Clinic Subscription

We enhanced limited medical infrastructure in countries with limited capabilities plays a crucial role in improving access to healthcare services

Telemedicine consultations
    Remote medical clinic subscription services can provide access to telemedicine consultations, allowing individuals in remote or underserved areas to connect with healthcare professionals. Through video or phone calls, patients can receive medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations without the need for in-person visits.
Expanded reach
    By leveraging digital technologies, medical clinic subscription services can extend their reach beyond the physical limitations of healthcare facilities. They can connect patients with healthcare providers who may be located in urban centers or even in other countries, expanding the pool of available medical expertise.
Reduced travel and costs
    Limited healthcare infrastructure often requires individuals to travel long distances or incur significant costs to access medical services. Remote medical clinic subscriptions can help mitigate these challenges by providing consultations remotely, eliminating the need for travel and reducing associated expenses.
Continuity of care
    Subscription services can ensure continuity of care by offering regular access to healthcare professionals. Patients can establish an ongoing relationship with their providers, who can monitor their health, manage chronic conditions, and provide follow-up care remotely.
Health education and preventive care
    Remote medical clinic subscriptions can include health education materials and preventive care resources. This can empower individuals to take better care of their health, understand preventive measures, and make informed decisions about their well-being.
Remote monitoring and diagnostics
    With the integration of remote monitoring devices and diagnostic tools, medical clinic subscription services can enable individuals to track their health parameters and share data with healthcare providers. This facilitates remote monitoring of chronic conditions, early detection of potential health issues, and timely interventions.
Referrals and coordination
    In cases where specialized care or in-person consultations are necessary, remote medical clinic services can facilitate referrals to appropriate healthcare providers or facilities. They can also help coordinate appointments, tests, and procedures, ensuring a seamless healthcare journey for patients.

While medical clinic subscription services can provide valuable support in countries with limited healthcare, it’s important to consider local contexts, infrastructure, and regulatory frameworks. Collaborations with local healthcare organizations and authorities are crucial for tailoring these services to the specific needs and challenges of each country.

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Topside Support

We provide VIA MEDICA’s topside medical support service is staffed by highly skilled professionals who have the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle a wide range of medical situations. We use specialized software and communication solutions to ensure that medical assistance is provided quickly and efficiently. Our team is trained to handle emergencies and follows strict emergency protocols to provide a seamless solution to clients.

Our reliable solution that enables healthcare professionals to focus on providing high-quality patient care without worrying about medical emergencies or issues that may arise during operations. The service is available 24/7, which means that clients can access medical support at any time, ensuring that their patients receive the best possible care.

VIA MEDICA’s topside medical support service is fully customizable to meet specific needs of our clients. This means that we can tailor the service to client’s operations, ensuring that client receive the best possible medical support for their unique requirements.


These services are provided:
    • Offshore medical consultation with the site Medic 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and ensure there is access to medical doctor(s), fully conversant with routine& emergency best practices, relevant Health & Safety policies,procedures and incident reports.


    • Delivery of medical consultations in accordance with client’s medical protocols/country regulations which include, but are not limited to, the authorization for use of prescription medication and performing invasive procedures by the site medic.


    • Complete and issue Topside Notifications to you within one (1) hour from the initial call made by the site Medic.


    • Notification and validation with clients of any requirements for medical disembarkation (Emergency & Non- Emergency).


  • Provide monthly activity reports to capture the number of calls from each site and number of shorereferrals with a breakdown per categories, including Work-Related cases.



A Critical Service for Remote Medics
    VIA MEDICA provides crucial support to remote field medics through its telemedicine and topside assistance services, connecting them to senior clinicians at the base. This allows for second opinions and professional guidance in serious cases, resulting in improved patient well-being, peace of mind for doctors and patients, and lower costs for clients. In some cases, it may even eliminate the need for a medevac.


VIA MEDICA Third Party Topside Support
    VIA MEDICA of course offers topside support to its own remote medics, but also provides telemedicine services as needed to support clients who need emergency backup for their own field medics. The topside support team reviews patient information in real-time, leading to more accurate diagnoses, better clinical action, and improved patient outcomes. The senior clinicians overseeing VIA MEDICA’s topside support provide a crucial safety net, adhering to the company’s Patient Care Protocols as part of its strict clinical governance standards.


VIA MEDICA in Action Topside Support services
    A recent medevac case exemplifies how VIA MEDICA’s topside support operates. All medevac requests must have topside approval, but in this case, it was denied after a careful review of the patient’s medical data indicated that they were not stable enough for the flight. Topside monitored the patient’s condition regularly and the transfer took place 48 hours later. The on-demand availability of this service offers peace of mind and better patient outcomes for both VIA MEDICA medics and third-party clients in medical emergencies requiring real-time support or second opinions.


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Emergency Medical Services

Via Medica is proud to offer a robust fleet of over 80 well-equipped and manned Ambulances, bolstering our Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Our diverse range of vehicles, coupled with the extensive experience and training of our medical personnel, enables us to operate effectively, efficiently, and safely in any environment and terrain.

Our primary objective is to provide immediate on-site care for events and remote locations, minimizing the need for patients to be transported to off-site hospitals or care facilities when more advanced care is unnecessary. We understand that for patients, every second counts. Therefore, we continuously refine our knowledge and technology to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients during both emergency and non-emergency medical evacuations.

Emergency Ambulance Paramedic Services
    Our EMS services encompass a wide range of critical care interventions to address illnesses or injuries, providing pre-hospital treatment and stabilization before transportation to primary care facilities or hospitals. Within the areas our footprint, we offer local ambulance services, ensuring prompt response and immediate medical attention for those in need. Our paramedics are extensively trained to provide advanced life support for patients, ensuring they receive the highest level of care during critical moments.
Critical Care Patient Transfers
    Via Medica specializes in critical care patient transfers, catering to urban, rural, remote, and offshore locations. Our fleet comprises 2×4 and 4×4 ambulances, both soft-skinned and B6 armored, to adapt to various terrains and security requirements. We prioritize careful patient stabilization prior to transport, ensuring their condition remains stable and optimized throughout the transfer process. Our experienced staff employs extensive monitoring and care protocols during the entire transfer, ensuring the patient’s safety and well-being at all times. Additionally, for remote and offshore transfers, we offer fixed-wing evacuations, utilizing specialized aircraft to reach challenging destinations swiftly and securely. We maintain close coordination with neighboring hospitals, facilitating seamless transfers and continuity of care.


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Accredited Training

VIA MEDICA is a leading provider of healthcare training programs, with a global presence and a focus on meeting diverse and demanding training requirements. We have a team of licensed, qualified, competitive and well-trained clinical instructors and trainers, who are committed to delivering the highest quality training to our clients worldwide.

Our Training Center, authorized by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, offers a wide range of training programs in compliance with HAAD regulations. We are also accredited and approved by the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), ensuring that our training programs are of the highest quality and meet international standards.

We offer basic training and certificates for healthcare professionals, covering a wide range of topics and skills that are essential in the healthcare industry. Our training programs are designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the best possible care to their patients.

In addition to healthcare training, we also offer customized training programs for various industries such as Oil & Gas, Schools & Universities and Corporations. Our team of expert trainers works closely with our clients to understand their unique training needs and develop customized training programs that meet their specific requirements.

At VIA MEDICA, we are committed to providing the highest quality training programs to our clients worldwide. Our focus on quality, compliance, and customization ensures that our clients receive training programs that are tailored to their unique needs and meet the highest standards of quality and excellence.

American Heart Association
  • Basic Life Support
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Heart Save First Aid CPR AED (Adult/Child/Infant): Non medics


National Association of EMT
  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support
  • First on the Scene for Non-Medics
  • All Hazards Disaster Response


Health & Safety Institute
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Blood borne Pathogens
  • Emergency Oxygen
  • Emergency Medical Response for Non-EMS Personnel
  • ASHI Wilderness First Aid


Other capabilities:
  • Customized Clinical Training
  • Health Education Training
  • Wellness Campaigns
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Home Healthcare Services

VIA MEDICA provides comprehensive home care support for patients who needs special medical attention including administering medication, patient recovering from an illness or surgery, have a chronic health condition, or have special needs. Home care nursing helps patients manage their health and maintain their independence while staying in a familiar environment.

Home Care Services Includes
  • Home nursing service for adults and pediatrics
  • Nursing service for wound care, diabetic management and chronic/long term care
  • Providing intravenous antibiotics treatment and wellness/vitamins infusion
  • Home care rehabilitation program for post operative, chronic cases and patients with special needs
  • Transitional nursing care for post hospital discharge to care giver training program
  • Special program for patients requiring home mechanical ventilation
  • Well baby and mother care post hospital delivery
Doctors on Call Services
    Doctors on call services provide patients with 24/7 access to licensed healthcare professionals for medical care and advice outside of regular clinical hours. These services include virtual consultations, house calls, and urgent care services. They are particularly beneficial for patients with urgent medical needs or who have difficulty accessing traditional medical care due to mobility issues or scheduling conflicts. These services offer convenient and accessible medical care, reducing the need for emergency room visits and improving health outcomes and patient satisfaction.
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Events Medical Services

VIA MEDICA offers medical services for special events that will help our client support emergency and non-emergency healthcare services. We provide state of the art medical facilities and designed safety policies and procedures for emergency response by our highly qualified and experienced medical professionals.

We are a trusted and leading international medical solution provider since 2011 and we uniquely have extensive expertise structuring and implementing medical cover for crowds of 30,000+, as well as for the athletes/artists engaged – including musicians, dancers, and high level athletes at all levels, including all facets of combat sports.


Emergency Response
    • VIA MEDICA is ready to leverage our extensive experience in providing emergency services before, during and after major events, to ensure a spectacle that is safe, sure, and compliant with all necessary regulations. We have a team of specialized and trained Nurses, EMTs and Medical Doctors that have extensive experience is sports medicine and expert on a wide variety of event injuries.
Unique Specialty:
    • Sports and Orthopaedic Medicine Specialty – Combat , Motor , Maritime and Contact Sports.
On-field Clinics
    • We have a proven track record in on-field clinics which are structured to big crowds and we are equipped to react and take care of emergency cases and casualties “on-site”, before they are safely transferred with our ambulances to a hospital facility.
Ambulance Service
    • Our award winning ambulances offer a comprehensive services with fleet of more than 20 ambulances with varying specifications that are capable in desert, coastal and urban areas and are mobilized by experience drivers supported by a team of trained and experienced Paramedics and Medical Professionals that are expert in their field.
Unique Capabilites:
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) – Utilizing Paramedics along with the Nurse’s, EMT’s and Doctors
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) – Staffed with a EMT or RN team
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Immunization Services

We designed this program to promote and facilitate immunization services to protect individuals and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases. It is typically implemented by government health agencies or other healthcare organizations.

Vaccine distribution
    The program ensures the availability and distribution of vaccines to healthcare providers, clinics, hospitals, and other immunization service providers. This involves managing the supply chain, storage, and transportation of vaccines to ensure their quality and timely delivery.
Immunization education and awareness
    The program aims to educate the public, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders about the importance of immunization, vaccine schedules, and the benefits of vaccination. This may involve organizing educational campaigns, providing informational materials, and conducting training programs for healthcare providers.
Vaccine administration
    The program facilitates the administration of vaccines to eligible individuals. This may include establishing immunization clinics, organizing vaccination campaigns, and supporting healthcare providers in delivering vaccines to their patients.
Immunization coverage monitoring
    The program tracks and monitors immunization coverage rates to assess the effectiveness of vaccination efforts. This involves collecting data on immunization rates, identifying underserved populations, and implementing strategies to improve immunization coverage.
Vaccine safety monitoring
    The program also monitors the safety of vaccines and investigates any reported adverse events following immunization. This helps in ensuring the ongoing safety and effectiveness of vaccines.
Collaboration and partnerships
    Immunization Services Programs often collaborate with various stakeholders, such as healthcare providers, community organizations, schools, and other government agencies, to enhance immunization services. This may involve joint initiatives, sharing resources, and leveraging existing networks to reach target populations effectively.

It’s important to note that the specifics of an Immunization Services Program can vary across different countries and regions, depending on local healthcare systems, policies, and priorities. However, the overall goal remains the same: to promote immunization and protect individuals and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases.

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Medical Supply Chain

VIA MEDICA understand the importance of ensuring a resilient and reliable supply chain for medical products. That’s why we work closely with our in-country service deliverers and have a dedicated in-house supply team to establish an in-country supply hub as quickly as possible. This helps us to ensure that our clients receive their pharmaceutical products in a timely and efficient manner, while also maintaining detailed and audited records throughout the supply chain.

Establishing an in-country supply hub allows us to have greater control over the distribution process, from point of medical supplies origin to end user access and expectations. This ensures supplies are tracked and audited throughout the distribution process which helps us to mitigate any potential risks or issues that may arise during the distribution process. Our team works closely with local authorities and regulatory bodies to ensure that all necessary approvals and certifications are in place, and that all medical products are handled and distributed in compliance with local and international regulations.

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Academic Services

Our Academic Health Services are specially designed, broad-spectrum medical services for the healthcare needs of educational institutions. All of our medical professionals have the necessary licensure and certification to practice medicine and continiously receive constant training in latest medical procedures, to provide our clients with the best possible medical care.

We have an integrated program that is centered on best-practice health solutions for all students and employees of any educational institution.

Our Services Includes:
  • In and outpatient appointments and full case management
  • School Clinic Management
  • Staffing With Qualified Nurses
  • onthly Health Awareness Program
  • Scheduled Physician Screening Of Students
  • Monthly Visits By Our Medical Professionals
  • Conducts Quarterly Internal Audit
  • Collaborates For Areas Of Improvement
  • 100% Nurse Availabilty All The Time


University Clinical Services
    VIA MEDICA has a full range of medical services for institutes of higher education. We understand the various requirements for the wide patient population, including students, faculty, and guests, while meeting local health authority regulations. Our team of nurses, doctors, and medical administration is capable of covering various clinic schedules, including 24/7 operations.


School Clinical Services
    Via Medica prioritizes the healthcare needs of students, teachers, and parents while meeting the Government Education and Health Authority requirements. Our team of supervising physicians guides our team of licensed nurses to constantly adapt to variety of patient needs. Our team also works closely with school administrators to facilitate health screenings, immunization programs, incident reporting, first aid education programs for teachers.


Nursery Clinical Services
    VIA MEDICA provides a friendly and caring licensed nurses who are well trained for pediatric emergencies and provide appropriate ongoing nursing care to children and infants. Our medical team works closely with the nursery administration to meet Ministry of Social Affairs requirements and provides oversight from our experienced medical team to ensure our staff has access to up-to-date information and disease prevention.
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Concierge Services

Our concierge coordinators drive bespoke fulfilllment of lifestyle requests providing superior white glove experience that boosts customer loyalty and increases client loyalty within the affluent and high net worth segments accross the globe. As a point of contact for all types of incoming inquiries and multifaceted client needs, our concierge team serves as a 24/7 one-stop-shop for all concierge requests.

“Our aim is to go above and beyond to fulfill our customers’ requests, regardless of how ordinary or extraordinary they may be.”

We offer memberships to individuals and businesses facilitating access to hidden gems and VIP experiences and luxurious lifestyle.

Our Concierge Services:
  • Dining Reservations and Culinary Experiences
  • Creative Gifting Services
  • Airport Services (Meet and Greet, Limo transfer)
  • Personal Shopping and Retail
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Services (Spa, Wellness, Personal Trainers)
  • Curated Dining and Travel Guides Showcasing a Selection of Restaurants and Must-See Places
  • Travel and Experiences Packages: Air, Hotel and Cruises
  • Ticket Eccess to Events, Fashion Shows, Concerts and Art Shows
  • Limited Edition / Sold out Brands and Luxury Brand Goods
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Consulting Services

VIA MEDICA offers a wide range of clinical and healthcare consultancy expertise, making us a one-stop-shop for all of your healthcare needs. Whether you need assistance with medical research, healthcare administration, or clinical trials, our team has the expertise and knowledge to provide the guidance and support that clients require.

One of the key strengths of VIA MEDICA is our ability to provide options to clients. We understand that healthcare planning can be stressful, and we want to ensure that our clients have all the information they need in healthcare and clinical management.

At VIA MEDICA, our team of licensed and certified medical professionals is committed to providing comprehensive medical consultancy services to clients worldwide. We understand that navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming, and we are here to help guide you every step of the way.