Our Leadership


Nick Faselis


Mr. Faselis is an entrepreneur with an inextinguishable energy and enthusiasm for Health Care. He is the co-founder and the Chairman of Via Medica, which he and Mr Arvidson launched in Washington DC in 2009. Initially soley supporting international projects, it soon became apparent to Mr. Faselis that the UAE’s support for business and growth meant that it would be an ideal home for Via Medica. In 2013, Via Medica was reinvented as an Emirati Company with its Headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Via Medica is a market leader in the UAE today with an ever-increasing international footprint.


Chris Arvidson

Managing Partner

As co-founder, Mr. Arvidson has been with Via Medica since its inception. His long years of diverse international business experience, along with his passion for Health Care were a major contributor to the company’s radical growth and expansion. Mr. Arvidson is key in managing the company’s monetary business, leveraging excellent investing strategies, as well as careful marketing research in order to direct the company’s finances year after year. Mr. Arvidson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (BSc) in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Florida.


Khaled Lutfe

Chief Executive Officer

For the past four years, Mr. Lutfe has been working closely with the partners and executive managment to improve operations and drive the company’s growth whilst maintaining regulatory and social responsibilities. He came to the company in 2017 after several years of successful executive management in the UK, specializing in multi-site business operations, logistics and development, asset acquisitions and service delivery enhancement. After attending Baghdad College High School in Iraq, Mr. Lutfe obtained a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), specializing in Business, Commercial and Tax Law from BPP University Law School in London, UK, he also studied for a (FdSc) in Aviation Management and Operations at London Metropolitan University.