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Via Medica And Hope Consortium Featured On CNN

VIA MEDICA has been instrumental in supporting the HOPE Consortium to address the logistic challenge of delivering the vaccines. VIA MEDICA has developed a unique supply chain solution that ensures the vaccines are kept at the required temperatures during transit. The solution comprises innovative packaging materials, containers, and data loggers that allow for real-time monitoring of the vaccine temperature.

VIA MEDICA’s packaging materials have been specifically designed to keep the vaccines at the required temperatures during transit. The materials are lightweight and durable, ensuring that the vaccines remain secure throughout the transportation process. The containers are also designed to fit into various modes of transportation, including air, sea, and land.

VIA MEDICA’s support has been critical to the success of the HOPE Consortium in delivering COVID-19 vaccines to various parts of the country. The innovative packaging materials and real-time monitoring solutions provided by VIA MEDICA have ensured that the vaccines remain viable and effective during transit.